Parent Information


Parents and whanau are encouraged to become involved in their child’s learning. All children: infants, toddlers and the young child, with the support of their teachers, family and whanau will continue to extend their knowledge and help them build their confidence.


The following information is intended to help parents understand how we operate and what you can expect from Te Ngaru Childcare Centre for your tamariki. Please feel free to discuss any queries you may have.


All children are unique, worthy and deserved of the utmost respect.

We combine into the learning programme educational aspects and to further enrich the tamariki by developing social, physical, intellectual and emotional skills and individual talents.

Your child will have the opportunity to receive, experience and develop;-

  • Te Reo Maori me nga Tikanga Maori
  • A healthy and positive self-image
  • Achievement through developmental activities
  • A stimulated imagination through reading, dancing and music
  • Respect for individual and cultural differences
  • Guidance and positive reinforcement through acceptable behaviour that leads to independence, self-control and self-esteem
  • Growth and co-ordination through various physical activities
  • Skills necessary for their easy transition to school
  • Concepts of math’s and literacy
  • Planned trips away from the Centre
  • Full range of activities which will stimulate their desire for learning and experimentation
  • A fun and happy environment


We recommend that you visit Te Ngaru Childcare Centre before making a decision. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, talk to our Team Leaders and staff, ask questions and talk to other whanau members.

If you feel, this environment is suitable for your child, ask for an enrolment form. Once enrolled, your child will be assured of a place in keeping with your enrolment.

Due to Government Funding being dependent on hours/times your child is in our Centre, please be very clear and specific on the times you wish your child to attend the Centre.

Should you have any changes to your child/children’s enrolment records, the Centre administrator must be notified immediately. One week notice is required for any changes of enrolment days, hours and sessions and signed. This is subject to spaces being available

E.g. Change of address, Change of Telephone numbers, unauthorized persons to collect your children, Illnesses, Diseases, Allergies, etc.



  • Licensed Hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am-5.00pm
  • Operating Hours: (at present) 8.00am-4.00pm
  • Centre closed on Public Holiday’s


  • We care for children from 6 months until they turn 5 years old, ready for school.


  • Hourly Rate: Children Under 2 $5.00
  • Children Over 2 $4.50


The Centre is offering 20 Free Hours care for 3 and 4 year old children, you must fill in the application on enrolment form.


On application to Work and Income Support Services, funding can be made available to the Centre for their assistance with a child’s fees. The Application Forms are held by the Administrator and need to be completed and signed by the parent and administrator. Funding by Income Support Services, who will advise both the parent and the Centre accordingly. All payments from work and income will be paid into the Centre’s account and not the parent / caregivers account.

Pamphlets explaining the childcare subsidy are available from your local Income Support Services.


Statutory Holidays, Sick days and Absences are charged in full. Fees are charged when your child is absent due to sickness or other reasons. You may be entitled to 3 weeks annual leave at a reduced charge of 50% off your normal fee during the year. You should ensure you notify the centre in writing of the dates of such absences. If you fail to do so a full fee will be charged. In order to ensure the best care for your children in our care it is important that you inform the Administrator in writing how long your child is going to be absent.


The centre is not licensed to care for your child outside of operating hours. A penalty of $5 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) may be charged if you fail to collect your child within the agreed times.


Fees are to be paid in advance by direct debit, cash, eftpos or direct credit. Just bring in your account details and payments can be set up online.



The Team Leader/s at her discretion may refuse to accept any child suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.

  • Children with illnesses, severe colds, severe coughs, rashes, temperatures, diarrhoea, vomiting or infectious diseases of any nature must be kept at home to avoid the spread of infections to other children and staff.
  • Children whom are sick are cared for until whanau arrive to collect them.
  • If the Head teacher contacts you because your child is ill please make every effort to collect your child as quickly as possible.
  • There will be an isolation area for sick children.
  • Illnesses will be recorded in the Centre Illness Register.


When a child requires medication, it is essential that the medication be handed to a staff member. The Centre’s medication policy will be followed at all times. All medication needs to be signed into the medicine register daily. No medication will be given if it is not written into the register, has past the expiry date, has another child’s name on it, or if the box or bottle doesn’t have a prescription label.


If a child sustains a minor accident while at Te Ngaru the child will be attended to by a qualified First Aid staff. If however, the child requires doctor attention, the child will be taken as quickly as possible to the family doctor of the child, or the nearest medical Centre by a staff member, while the head teacher contacts the parent/s. Contact will be maintained with the staff member with the child until the parent takes responsibility. All accidents will be recorded in the Accident Register Book


Te Ngaru believes children need to rest/ sleep during the day. Complete relaxation takes place in quiet, supervised surroundings.

This is for children who require afternoon moe (sleep). It is done like a Marae situation with the exceptions of small pepi (baby) who will be assigned a cot.


  • Any children needing special diets, and/or in case of allergies whanau will need to provide a packed lunch for their children.
  • The Centre will provide lunch meals every MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.
  • Parents/caregivers will provide a packed lunch every THURSDAY and FRIDAY.
  • Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided daily for all children.
  • The Centre is promoting healthy eating we ask you to please ONLY include in your child’s packed lunch some items from the list below.
  • Healthy Kai – Accepted packed lunches: Sandwiches, wraps, fruit (dried or fresh) crackers, cheese, le snacks, plain biscuits, small pots of yoghurt, veggie sticks, small box of raisins.
  • Babies (under 1 years) small tin food and anything from the accepted packed lunches.
  • Please do not include any types of drink as WATER is available at all times.
  • Any foods not listed on the healthy kai is not permitted at Te Ngaru Childcare Centre


A change of clothes should be included in your child’s named bag, in case of accidents. PLEASE NAME EACH ITEM CLEARLY with permanent pen. A plastic bag for wet clothing, slippers and gumboots for rainy days. Te Ngaru regrets that we cannot take responsibility for unnamed items.

What your children need:

Children under the age of two:

  • Two complete spare changes (named)
  • 1x bottle and 1x formula
  • Disposable nappies & wet wipes (at least five daily)
  • A bag (named)

Children over the age of two:

  • Two complete change of clothing (named)
  • If toilet training, five sets of underwear (named)
  • A bag (named)


We recommend that you and your child visit the Centre several times prior to starting. We ensure that at least one staff member greets your child and creates a relationship with the family and your child. Please speak to Team Leaders about any special requirements that you would like us to know about your child.

Parents are encouraged to stay with their child to settle him or her into the Centre, and to demonstrate that they feel happy and comfortable with their child’s environment. Children are welcome to bring their own (named) cuddly toy or blanket from home during this settling period.


Te Ngaru has a child Centre philosophy, which basically means that we provide an environment for the children where free play is the basis for learning. Children learn at their own rate yet are encouraged to develop to their full potential. There is a wide range of activities available for the children to choose from throughout the day both inside and outside.

We aim to encourage creativity and self-expression through Maori language, activities, music and movement, dramatic play, art and craft. Offering a variety of outdoor play, manipulative, block, carpentry, water and sand play strengthens physical capabilities.

Science and math’s activities encourage an interest and enjoyment in the physical and natural aspects of our environment as well as challenging a tamaiti thinking ability.

Please send your child in “oldish clothes”, so they can enjoy our activities as some of them are messy. If you send your Child in the “best clothes” then they cannot be as free to participate in activities as they may ruin their clothes.

The timetables for each day activities are built around;

  • Supervised Free Play while children are arriving
  • Karakia / Himene / Waiata korikori
  • Learning time
  • Children’s Morning Tea
  • Supervised Activities
  • Mat time
  • Lunch Time
  • *More time for infants & toddlers
  • Readiness for school (4yrs)
  • Children’s Afternoon Tea
  • Supervised Free Play
  • Karakia whakamutunga
  • Supervised Free Play until children leave for home
  • As each day is slightly different from the previous, watch for notices on the Parent Notice Board which will give specific details.


Visits to new and exciting places are a natural part of childhood. As well as trips further afield we also incorporate into the programme local community visits i.e.; recreation Centre, swimming pool, other local Centre’s, shops, parks, zoo.

When the trip is planned by the Centre, you will be advised by notice on the Notice Board/Newsletters and verbally, of the time, visit and date. A permission form is to be signed by you if you wish your child to attend. A small fee may be requested from the whanau to assist with entrance fees encountered at some venues.

The help of PARENTS/CAREGIVERS to attend these trips are always needed, as we have strict child / adult ratio on all trips.


  • Please bring your child into Te Ngaru to ensure their safety. Come through the door with them as we may need to speak to parents.
  • If someone else will be collecting your child please remember to notify us. We will not hand over your child to anyone other than the agreed person stated. This is done for the protection of your children.
  • Please ensure that you have signed your children In/Out due to safety/emergencies, your Whaea in your Child’s Whare will let you know where the In/Out register is held.
  • Only authorized persons (as noted on your enrolment form or otherwise advised to the Centre) will be allowed to collect children from the Centre. Please notify the administrator in writing of any changes as to who may collect your child.


  • At Te Ngaru we believe that open communication with parents is extremely important, as this assists in the information of strong relationships between parents, children and staff. We do this in the following ways:
  • Parent Evenings: Te Ngaru hosts a number of parent evenings throughout the year where the teaching staff share information about children’s progress and development, and other current topics.
  • Newsletters: A regular newsletter is given to all parents.
  • Notice Boards: Notice Boards are displayed at the entrance of each classroom to share information with parents and also the main notice board is located above sign in and out registers.
  • All children have a portfolio of their art work, photos and learning stories written by staff. These are shared with parents. And of course the staff are always available to discuss your child’s progress with you on a daily basis.
  • The Centre’s policies are available for viewing by all parents at the Centre. As a parent you are just as much part of the Centre as your child. We therefore encourage parents to visit whenever they wish.


Te Kura Akonga O Manurewa (Primary School - New Entrants to Form 2) caters for tamariki from Te Ngaru. This school is follow up on what has been implemented with your children at Te Ngaru. If you are interested in enrolling your child at this school please fill in a Kura Pre-enrolment form, as there are limited places at this school. It is advisable to fill in this form or visit the school at 460 Porchester Road, Manurewa, and Ph.: (09) 267-8039.